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Hello and Welcome

I’m Sheri Bieter, and welcome to Simplify Health Coaching.

Simplify Health Coaching is an Integrative Nutrition, Health, and Wellness Coaching company where we work together, 1 on 1, to identify goals, and guide you through the steps needed to reach them as a way of creating balance in your life.

A focus on you.

Why hire

a health coach?

A Health Coach takes a holistic approach to health. We teach that it’s not just about the food on your plate, but also how you nourish yourself through other areas of life (everything from your relationships to how well you sleep and manage daily stress!) to create more balance. Think of everything we mindlessly spend our money on each day – you will not regret this investment in YOU! In order to love and take care of the ones you love, you must first take care of yourself. You can not fill from an empty cup SO let’s get your initial consultation set up so you can begin filling YOUR cup!

Let’s focus on

What’s affecting your life

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If you don’t know, I am an Optometrist in addition to a Health Coach.  I have been a practicing OD…

New and


Big things are on the horizon.

Simplify Health Coaching will have a new home base!

The brand new, state of the art Bodhi studio is coming Fall of 2022. Bodhi Studios is pulling out all the stops with infrared heat panels, humidity control and a gorgeous Scandinavian Modern design. Our flagship location in Prescott, WI is a place for you to connect with community, challenge comfort zones, and take care of your body & mind.

Check out Bodhi Stusios to learn more.

Simplify Health Coaching


Help to bridge the gap between what you should eat and what you actually do eat.

I’m proud to announce that I have become a Juice Plus+ distributor!

I have taken Juice Plus+ for years. Juice Plus+ helps you bridge the gap between what you should eat and what you do eat, every day, with added nutrition from a wide variety of plant based ingredients.

Check out the offerings from Juice Plus+.

Easily grow your own fresh, nutrient-rich food without soil.

The vertical, aeroponic garden system allows you to grow your own produce without the learning curve or the time commitment of traditional gardening

Check out tower gardens for your lifestyle!

Lets work together

to build your new journey

Are you looking to make changes in your life? Correct imbalances, lose some weight, manage stress, increase energy levels, sleep better, or perhaps even stop smoking. Let’s simplify the process for accomplishing these goals and help you get unstuck. It all starts with a simple consultation where I learn a bit more about you. We will talk about your journey, where you are today, your goals for yourself, and where you’d like help. As a health and wellness coach, my work is focused on you. Together we will help you feel better and create ways to accomplish your goals.

Simplify Health Coaching–A focus on you

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