Inexpensive Self Care Practices

It seems everyone is talking about self care lately.  I agree that it is very important BUT it doesn’t require spending a lot of money at a spa.  I have 3 very simple and inexpensive ways to incorporate some self care into your daily routine that you may not have even heard of or thought about in a long time.  My challenge is for you to pick one and try it everyday for a week, notice how you feel.  Self care, like many things, is very personal.  Some things will work for you and you will love, others not so much.  Find the things that make you feel loved and give you energy and make them a habit!

  1. TONGUE SCRAPING– Honestly, I had never heard of this one but I have now incorporated it into my mouth hygiene regimen and love it.  A tongue scraper is a U-shaped device made of stainless steel or plastic that removes build up from the tongue surface.  Pressing too hard is not good and this may be something you only need to do once a week or so.  Tongue scraping can also prevent bad breath.  Brushing your tongue can be helpful but is really only moving food particles/bacterial around.    The scraper is much more efficient in removing particles and also stimulating.  Cleaning the tongue can actually help reduce cravings because when you have a taste from a food left over in your mouth, you are more likely to crave a food from the opposite extreme of what you last ate.
  2.  HOT WATER BOTTLE– Yep you heard me, the old fashioned hot water bottle is one of the most useful health care products out there.  This heat therapy can alleviate all types of ailments.  It can do everything from relaxing tight muscles to comforting the body when it is stressed.  It can reduce cramps in the tummy area and aid in digestion.  If you are sick, use it to warm and soothe, some find it useful to ease arthritic pain.  If you have had a stressful long day and want to ensure better sleep, place the hot water bottle on your stomach area, close your eyes and breathe deeply.  Tension can be relieved by the weighted heat.  You may also find many other uses for this little gem!
  3. HOT TOWEL SCRUB– This is another one I had definitely never heard of but it makes a lot of sense. It’s called body scrubbing and can be done before a bath or shower.  Get a towel very hot with water and gently scrub your skin.  It’s that simple.  Do one section of the body at a time until each part becomes warm.  Reheat the towel by dipping it back into the hot water from the sink when it starts to cool.  This has a deeper effect when done at the sink as opposed to in the shower.  Benefits can include reducing muscle tension, re-energizing yourself, releasing toxins, promoting circulation, activating the lymphatic system & calming your mind.

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