Making Memories

With the holidays already here, something I always like to think about is not letting anything stand in the way of making memories and enjoying all the moments! Trying to make healthy choices and maybe even life style changes is a great thing, BUT I do not think it is wise to be so rigid that you may miss out on important family/friend times.  You have to do what is best and works for YOU.  YOU DO YOU BOO!!  It is very possible to stay true to your goals and what you are trying to achieve for yourself and still be completely involved in making memories with your loved ones.  It is all about staying fully present.  The way that I try to live my life and hope to teach others through my coaching program, is how to achieve balance.  Learning your personal triggers and also how to create daily habits are key.  Sometimes we have to dig a little deeper, below the surface, to realize why we do some of the things we do.  Once we figure this out, a whole new life can be created and it can be very transformational.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING- I am so grateful for all of you and for all of the “memory making moments” that I am always so blessed to have the opportunity to experience!

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