The Concept of Primary Foods

Do you think how healthy you are and how good you feel depends only on the food on your plate?

Actually that is not the case, the food on your plate is considered secondary. PRIMARY foods are nonfood sources of nourishment and are what really keep our tank filled up.

Think back to when you were a kid- children played outside with their friends all day and when their mother called you to dinner you didn’t even feel hungry. You were having so much fun running around & playing! Your mother had to force you to eat and you did so only to get back outside with your friends. Then at night you would be exhausted, satisfied and sleep great all night!

The same thing happens when you first fall in love. You are so happy, fulfilled and content from this connection that food again becomes secondary.

If you are working on an exciting project at work that is exhilarating for you, time can almost stand still because you feel so confident and stimulated. Food becomes an afterthought.

Now think about a time in your life when things weren’t going so well and you felt depressed or sad- you may not have realized it but your body was starving for primary food. No matter how much actual food you ate, you just never felt satisfied. The need for different primary foods in different stages of our life always trumps our need for secondary food and will drive what we are putting on our plates. We need nourished on a deeper level.

The 4 main PRIMARY FOODS are:


The more of these “foods” we can give ourselves, the less we will depend on secondary food. We should strive to “eat to live” instead of “live to eat”. Many cultures have used fasting to decrease secondary food in order to receive more primary food.

Thinking about this – which area of primary foods in YOUR life could use some attention?

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